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Why Verification

Internet Media is being widely used in the Global Market and thus also acts as the entry level sales and marketing platform for companies at large. In some cases old and established companies are given importance over start up compaies. Since each vendor claims to be well versed with the business line, it becomes essential for a third party to verify the claims of a particular vendor and thereby making the verification as step in boosintg up buyers trust, on Eindiabusiness network.  

Verfication has been essential for Buyers to ensure:

• The Basic Existence of the Vendor along with the claimed credentials,

• To Ensure the Vendor is capable of meeting a buy order with his present infrastructure,

• Reduction of the risk of transaction failure by allowing buyers to make informed choices about the vendors,

• To Track down a vendor in case of any default,

• To Build the trust gap between buyers and seller on network,

• To Give an edge over non verfied suppliers/ vendors,

• As a Verified Vendor / Supplier get enhanced listings on network,

• A Trusted Supplier get more qualified and more number of leads over a non verified Supplier,

Verified Supplier Verified Supplier