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Benefits of Verified Supplier

Benefits: The outstanding and magnificent benefits to the businesses of our certified members by dint of the Verified Supplier concept include:

*Fathomless access to all buyers
With Verified Supplier, you come in direct contact with myriads of buyers looking for credible and reliable sellers. Your access to Trade Leads posted by diverse buyers is then boundless, which can offer you extremely extensive opportunities for further continuous contact and the exclusive privilege of sending instant quotations.

*Expedient Priority listing in all buyer searches
As a Verified Supplier certified member, your products are given a striking and expedient priority listing in our all search directories. Such listings enable you to focus easily on updating of your product catalog because we always make sure that buyers prominently see & notice what you are selling.

*Enhanced buyer confidence & reliability
 Over 76% buyers on prefer to do business transactions with the Verified Supplier certified companies only. Our specific Verified Supplier logo is conspicuously displayed on your information site on This gives an enhanced buyer confidence & reliability, besides distinguishing your business among myriads of business members.

*Elegant Continuous promotion
The Verified Supplier certifications provide each business owner an easy-search website displaying their Company Profile and Products prominently. Moreover, all Verified Supplier certified members command the privilege of displaying an unrestricted number of Selling Leads and Product Photos on

 There are four categories of our Verified Supplier classification namely, the Superior Verified Supplier, Silver Verified Supplier, Gold Verified Supplier, and Platinum Verified Supplier. These categories boost and benefit the businesses of our members as per the Verified Supplier assigned to them. The level and extent of support and promotion varies according to the degree or hierarchy of the Verified Supplier certifications.

Send a Request:-All our business members are expected to avail our this elegant and exclusive concept of Verified Supplier optimally and most lucratively. Interested business owners may send their all business related documents and credentials to us as quickly as possible.

Verified Supplier Verified Supplier